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Suk began life as a looser. Her mother was of less than average intelligence. Her father, a soldier, died shortly after her mother conceived. Reports say that her mother and fathers relationship was casual beginning with rape. Her only other relative was an aged grandfather who supported himself and his daughter by begging. When Suk was 4, her mother managed to get pregnant again, but no husband to show for it. Just after Suk's brother was born, Suk became seriously ill and was taken to the local district hospital, where she slipped into a coma. the nurses at the hospital kept her alive with intravenous fluid but her condition did not improve.

Suk with Pastor Garth Anthony, The Cambodian Adventist Mission PresidentAt this point God intervened using His servant on the ground. Samrit, had completed the four month lay training course at Wat Preah Yesu and decided to go as a "Tent-maker" to Sreysnom District, Siem Reap. Figuring the hospital had a captive audience, Samrit went to visit the patients at the hospital, where he learned of Suk's story. The following day while out visiting the churches in his pastoral district, Tim visited with Samrit. Samrit lead Tim to the hospital where the nurses talked about Suk's condition. They had lost hope but said if Suk could get to the Children's hospital should would have a chance. Tim organized Samrit to escort Suk, her mother, grandfather and younger brother to the Angkor Children's Hospital in Siem Reap town. Suk arrived later that day, severely malnourished and still in a comer. On returning to Siem Reap, Tim visited Suk in the hospital. The doctors informed him that she needed a Cat Scan, as it appeared she had considerable brain damage, and they did not have the facilities. Suk would need to be transferred to a different children's hospital. A motorbike taxi was hired and the transfer completed. The second children's hospital have a "no foreigner policy", which means we lost contact with Suk for a week. At the end of that week the Angkor Children's hospital notified us that Suk was back and conscious but very malnourished and would need to stay in hospital for some time. The other hospital had discharged her.

Tim had been asked to take Suk and her brother into the orphanage as the family situation was destitute. Tim had been praying that if God wanted Suk in the orphanage that He would grant her consciousness, if not to let her sleep. When Suk regained consciousness, she was blind, very weak and apparently unable to hear. During the next week she made a miraculous recovery, regaining her hearing, then her sight and beginning to walk. Within two weeks she was trying to talk again.

Suk is no longer a looser because Jesus has brought her out of her comer of darkness and into the light of His love. She does appear to be slightly retarded but has adapted well to life with her new family in the orphanage and has begun kindergarten. God has a place for her in his kingdom. Suk's brother, now named Samson, is also a resident in the orphanage.

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