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The 29th of May, 2004, was a super special Sabbath when 25 people were baptized at Wat Preah Yesu. These people were the most recent fruits of the SALT Ministries Church Planting work. It was also exciting to see over 50 people come forward to commit their lives to Jesus and future Baptism.
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Church Planting

Tim and Wendy Maddocks began church planting in the Siem Reap town in 1992 while Tim worked for the Adventist Development and Relief Agency as a development project manager. Prak Heng and his family were some of the fruit of that church planting work. Tim and Wendy selected Heng and his family to assist them in the next church plant which was to be in Sombua, west of the Siem Reap town in the neighborhood of what is now Wat Preah Yesu. By the time the first Lay training program began in the middle of 1998, some 16 people had been baptized from the local community surrounding Wat Preah Yesu, and beyond. Nine of these new Christians joined the first lay training program in preparation for going out on new church plants. At the end of the first Lay Training program in December 1998, SALT Ministries was ready to begin 9 new church plants while continuing the church plant at Sombua. These church plants were made possible by a grant from ASI a laymenís ministry based in the United States.

Today there are 13 groups meeting that have their origins from that original project. SALT Ministries funds 1 full-time Bible worker to continue the spread of the Gospel in Siem Reap town. The aim is to strengthen the Siem Reap town congregation originally started by Tim and Wendy in 1992.


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