SALT Ministries has a number of projects in motion or nearing completion.

The school dormitory and cafeteria (largely funded by the Collegedale Church, Tennesse, USA) designed to be home to 100 boarding students is in use. The new school building funded by the Rokforce group from Avondale Memorial Church in Australia, has been in use since the beginning of this school year and features a fully networked computer laboratory. The new orphanage house, funded by the Kellyville Church, Australia, is open to receive orphanaed children, and we have begun the sixth orphanage duplex which is partly funded by Marienhoehe School in Germany. This new building will house one ophanage family and the orphanage nursery. God has been incredibly faithful in providing as we moved in faith with each project.

The next Lay Training program is scheduled to begin in August, 2008.

February, 2008 was an exciting time as SALT Ministries hosted the third Cambodia Adventist Mission Camp meeting. This week long event saw over 1900 people being spiritually fed and climaxed in a baptism of more than 400 people, 36 of whom were from our local congregation.

The 2007/2008 school year at the Cambodia Adventist School-Kantrok will finish in July. The year opened with an enrollment of 312 children studying in grades K-9. We praise God that approximately 50% of our student population come from Buddhist families in our surrounding communities, offering a unique opportunity to share the love of God with our communities through their children. We prase God for our faithful Cambodian staff, and for the international volunteers who give of their time and money to teach in the school.

Wendy and Tim have co-managed SALT Ministries together with the Cambodian Staff since the conception of the ministry. Now with and ever increasing capacity of our Cambodian staff we are working toward a new management structure where the staff involved in each area of SALT ministries will corporately manage their area of the work. It is hoped that this will improve sustainability and continue capacity building among the staff.

Tim and Wendy will be travelling in the USA during June and July to encourage others who are hearing the voice of God, to step out in faith and be used for His glory.



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