Two of our HIV+ children

Sier ( on the right is now sleeping in Jesus)

Children ploughing land for gardens


Children worshiping

Children's choir


When it was obvious he was HIV+ he was abandoned.

Angkor Children's Hospital staff on a home care visit

House 1's Garden

House 1 kids

House Parents own child

Kindergarten Sabbath School


Lao, our only convict

Lao was arrested in Thailand and deported for being an illegal immigrant and begging. Lao is HIV +.

Mey, house 1 parent and some of his orphan children

Orphan smiles

Orphans at play

Orphans at play

Orphans birthday party 2004

Orphans birthday party

Orphans receiving birthday presents

Birthday presents

Birthday presents

Our very first orphans in their room before we tiled the floors

Savi and Chen are sight impaired.

Piset, house 4 parent

Rahoo on his bed

Rous and Nee

Somphos is a cerebral palsy child


Mother died of HIV and father is an alcoholic.

He is HIV +


Andy, a German volunteer working on an orphanage house


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