Do this as remembrance of me

Wat Preah Yesu church members are praying before doing the foot washing

Let's Study

Church members are discussing about the Bible during adult Sabbath school

Baby Dedication

Pastor Danial Walter dedicates a members child to God.

School Time

Children are looking at the camera while they are in the class ready to study

Sheep of my Pasture

Children present a skit during Christmas celebaration

Tell me!

Christmas play by children from Sombua Church

Church Opening

Sombua church Dedication. Pastor Garth Anthony, Mission president preaching.

Closing School1

All the students gathered to gether. July 2003.

Closing School 2

School students singing.

Flag Raising

Primary School Students in Wat Preah Yesu are doing flag raising before school begins


German Students are painting the wall of the new orphanage house.

Learing English

Grade 6 students are learing English with Wendy


Jody and Lisa from USA. Volunteers in 2002.

Jom's Baptism

Jom came to know God through the health ministry


Playing game as part of the orphans birthday

Kid's Time

Another group playing game during orphans birthday

Look at me!

Orphans at play

Ruos and Knee

Two of our teenage orphans

Tani Group

Elder Miranda prays for the Tani members. A Church planting site in Siem Reap.

Hospice Care

Chantoo is an invalid who has been in our care for several years now.

Andy Teaching English, 2004

Andy is a volunteer from Germany.

Baptism 2004

22 People were baptised at Wat Preah Yesu in April 2004

50 People requested baptismal studies after the April Baptism

Church Planting Family

Deun and his family are church planting in Chongkal, Odar Mean Chey Province


2004--SALT Ministries, Wat Preah Yesu
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