Som Vuthy's Story

Som Vuthy is a young man who had gained a reputation for being not the best company to be with. Already well educated for a Cambodian young person, he sought out a place to learn English and in doing so met Jesus. That was a life changing meeting which lead to His giving his heart to Jesus. At the age of 25, he came to SALT Ministries lay training program where his love for Jesus was strengthened. At the same time he fell in love with one of the local church members daughters. One year later he and Savann were married.

After completing his lay training, Vuthy joined Chantorn-who had also been trained by SALT Ministries, church planting in Chikrieng, Siem Reap Province. Chantorn already had a small group establishing. Vuthy found it difficult to see himself as the evangelist and seemed to hide in Chantorn's shadow much of the time. Chantorn regretted having dropped out of school before completing his education and decided to leave the church planting to Vuthy and Savann in order to pursue his education. Chantorn is now the boys dean at the Cambodia Adventist Mission's school in Phnom Penh. Now that Vuthy  could no longer hide his spiritual gifts, God was able to really use him. The result being more than 25 baptisms in two strong worship groups with one other group growing.

Vuthy is testimony to what the power of God can do in the life of a young Buddhist when they surrender to Jesus and testimony to the value of Lay Training to help prepare such individuals for a greater work for the Lord.


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