Preparing Lunch

Church members are preparing lunch

Church Planter

Preparing for the sermon

Church Planters

The family of church planters

First Baptism

The first Tampuon people baptism

Family Reunion

The former SALT Students and church planters had the gathering

Hill Tribe

The hill tribe house from the front view

Hill Tribe Woman

She is holding her son

Live again

A hill tribe man is being baptised by Tim Maddocks

Worship Time

The hill tribe people get together to worship God

Another Baptism

A man from Kralanh is in the water with Tim and His friends and relatives are praying and singing with joy


The villagers are watching the movie about our Lord Jesus Christ

Tbeng Mean Chey

Another baptism in Tbeng Mean Chey

Kralanh Worship

People in Kralanh worship in a small church

God's Word

A lady is reading the scripture during worship in Tani

Tu's Funeral

See Tu's story for details


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