Buntha's Story

Buntha is one of those people especially called by God to reach a special group of people in a special way. Born in the mountains in the north east of Cambodia to a father from the Jarai tribal group and a mother from the Tampuon tribal group, Buntha grew up speaking three languages, Jarai, Tampuon and Khmer. In his early twenties Buntha became a Christian and a member of a protestant Sunday keeping church. Being somewhat of a natural linguist, he began learning English with the Seventh-day Adventist Global Mission Pioneers in his local town (This team of pioneers attended the SALT Ministries Lay training program before beginning church planting. in Ratanakiri). It was not long before Buntha had accepted the 7th day as the true Sabbath and was baptised into the Seventh-day Adventist Church. He immediately asked to attend the SALT Ministries Lay Training program some 500 kilometers away in Siem Reap. He proved himself to be a keen Bible student. While at the training he fell in love with a young Khmer girl by the name of Lay. They were married before the end of the training and headed for Buntha's village to begin church planting among the Tampuon tribal group. Buntha proved himself to be a gifted evangelist quickly establishing two worship groups and bringing two Sunday groups into the Sabbath truth.

Lay became pregnant, but lost the baby at 7 months after a heavy fall when her bicycle slid on the slippery road while she was out visiting interests. In March, 2003, the first fruits of their ministry received baptism in the bueatiful volcanic lake known as Yeak Luon.

Buntha Leading out in Worship        Buntha and Lay's house                     The first Tampuon Tribal Group Baptism


In his desire to reach tribal people further away, Buntha  set up a small grassroots training center where he could bring in interested people from the distantly scattered hill tribe groups to introduce them to Jesus and send them back as ambassadors for Christ. The center, made from bush materials, opened for its first 6 week training in Janaury 2004.

It is exciting to see how rapidly the Gospel is spreading amongst the hill-tribe people in Ratankiri province.


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