The congregation humbling themselves before the Lord

No pews at Wat Preah Yesu

Making a promise to God

In the Sombua church before the baptism.

Chanta baptised

One of the orphans baptised.

Becoming one in Christ's Death

Pen, a staff member joins God's family

Srei Nar, an Orphan, surrenders to Jesus

Father rejoices as Son is Baptised

Tim baptises his son Shannon

Ly pledges herself to Jesus

Tim rejoices as his foster daughter takes her stand.

25 Souls for God's Kingdom

The newly baptised members sitting on the steps of the church.

Taking a stand for Jesus

Taking a stand for Jesus

50 more children of God requesting baptism.

Shannon receives his baptismal certificate


Members show their desire to remane loyal to God by thumb printing the church membership book in the 2004 column.


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