Wat Preah Yesu was established in 1996 with the primary goal of training Lay people. This was not to become a reality until July, 1998, when the first group of 20 laypeople moved to Wat Preah Yesu for the first four month lay-training program. Now as we approach the middle of 2008, we Praise God for His abundant blessings and miracles, especially the miracle of more than 400 people who have joined one of the twelve 4 month training programs. Many of these lay people have become church Planting Pioneers under the auspices of SALT Ministries, Global Mission, Gospel Outreach and ASAP. The combined effort of these laymen and women, under the direction of the Cambodia Adventist Mission has seen the Gospel taken to every province in Cambodia. Those who were not called to church planting have returned to their homes providing leadership in their local congregations, or taken up employment as teachers, orphanage house parents, etc..

SALT Ministries has been supported by a faithful group of Prayer Warriors, who have upheld to God the Maddocks family and the Ministry through the last 13 years. The news letter, known as the “Prayer Journal”, has been the tool used to keep prayer supporters up to date with how God has been blessing and with special prayer needs. Many people have expanded the prayer support by sharing these journals with their congregations and friends. If you are not already on the “Prayer Journal” mailing list, we would be happy to add your name and keep you informed with God’s miracles as they happen.

Today SALT Ministries continues to be dedicated to leading people into God’s presence through the ministries of Church Planting, Lay-training, Health education, Education, Orphan Care. God has more than kept His side of the promise made to Tim back in 1995. We continue to live by faith and God continues to provide and expand our vision for the future. We would like to give thanks to God for you, our Prayer Supporters and Donors. May the Lord bless you with the same peace and joy He has given to us.

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